Tosca srl is a company specialised in hydroforming components starting from tube stock. Founded in 2003, over the years the company has made great advances in hydroforming technology internally. The production systems and tooling are all designed and built in-house.

Having joined the UNIFER S.p.A. group of companies, we are able to provide our customers with support in the design of hydroformed components in order to optimise the process through:

  • Defining the best geometry
  • Determining the most suitable material
  • Simulation of the process
  • Analysing improvements
  • Defining the production process
  • Producing prototypes

Ensuring the best aesthetic results

Allowing production of multiple components

Ability to fasten a component inside another one or add external reinforcement

Some materials commonly used for our products


Material Series
Stainless steel 304-309-316
High-strength steel SM420 – SM500 – SM600
Non-alloy steel E215-E355
Ferritic steel 441-409
Aluminium 3000-5000-6000-7000