Having joined the UNIFER S.p.A. group of companies, we are able to provide our customers with support in the design of hydroformed components in order to optimise the process through:

  • Defining the best geometry
  • Determining the most suitable material
  • Simulation of the process
  • Analysing improvements
  • Defining the production process
  • Producing prototypes

Tooling and Equipment Design

Design and development of the tooling and equipment is all performed internally.

Construction of Tooling and Equipment​

The construction and testing of the tooling and equipment is performed internally to our own designs.


It is possible to have changes in tube cross section along its length, with significant expansions.

Complementary Processing

Hydroforming is one phase of the production cycle. Other machining processes are required before and after it, which our group of companies is able to provide, for instance:

  • Bending
  • Mechanical cutting/shearing
  • Laser cutting

Quality control and measurements

Measurements are performed with a T-scan laser scanner, 3D measurement bench and macrographic testing lab (for welded components).