Da Tangeziale sud provenienza Piacenza e Tangeziale Nord provenienza Milano
Uscita IV Novembre Direzione Villarbasse
Via Monviso 19 – 10090 Villarbasse (TO) – Italy
Tel: +39 0119509763 /0119509155
Fax: +39 0119509713


Tosca was the name chosen in homage to a famous opera. Our factory is located in the industrial area from 2003 to Villarbasse nr. 19 road Monviso. Tosca can rely on aworkforce of more than ten people, including three engineers.The main activity is the design and implementation of systems and equipment for industrial production. In particular, we have over the years developed a range offacilities and equipment for the hydroforming of tubes and the high management andhigh pressure water.
The workshop is equipped with machinery of all newly built and equipped with the latest generation of CNC. This allows us to perform complex and precise machining forour products both for customers who require it. All work is done with 3D CAM systemand 5D.
The engineering department uses the latest generation of software configured for the design and implementation of mathematical processing. The software management and control of our products are developed entirely in-house and in case it rischiesto bythe customer, you can perform customizations.